Avriline Slimness Cure
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Avriline Slimness Cure

Elimination of roundness Hydric drainage - Syndrome - Flat stomach - TONUS !


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Propriété :
See Avriline minceur for blue bottle and red bottle.
See Avriline Silhouette for green bottle.

Présentation :
Box of 3 500-ml bottles :
- 1 Avriline Minceur grapefruit taste
- 1 Avriline Silhouette
- 1 Avriline Minceur red fruit taste

Utilisation :
One to two tablespoons to be taken 15 minutes before the main meals. Avriline is consumed in pure form. First consume the green bottle then the blue and red.
If you wish to take another course, do not continue with blue or red bottles. If you restart a course after one or several months, start with the green bottle.
Avriline with red fruit taste is a new formula to end your course, the change in taste helps in not letting go of you.

Ingrédients :
Fucus, Guarana, Bigaradier, Thé vert, Boldo, Radis noir, Maté vert, Fenouil, Artichaut, Papaye, Konjac, Guar, Ginkgo, Pissenlit, Melilot, Bouleau, Gingembre, Kola.

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