Ongles et Cheveux 60 gélules


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Nails and Hair 60 capsules presents an exclusive formula, based on plants rich in amino acids and minerals, as well as vitamin and mineral supplementation.

This synergy makes it possible to fight effectively against dull, film-coated, tired, split-end, brittle hair, and soft, split, brittle, stained or streaked nails.

Nails and Hair 60 capsules concentrates extracts known to fortify and beautify the appendages (nails and hair), and thus helps to:

Nourish and strengthen nails and hair.

Slow down the fall and appearance of dandruff.

Promote the growth and beauty of nails and hair.

Wheat and Sesame proteins provide you with all the essential amino acids, in particular sulfur amino acids (methionine and cystine), allowing the synthesis of keratin, the main constituent of nails and hair.

Nettle and Horsetail are plants rich in silica, vitamins, minerals and proteins, which will nourish the hair, improve its density and stimulate its growth.

Green tea, rich in polyphenols, has anti-oxidant properties and stimulates the micro-circulation of the hair bulb.

Enriched with group B vitamins (essential for hair root metabolism), Nails and Hair 60 capsules provides you with:

Vitamin B2: helps regulate sebum production and contributes to the elasticity and resistance of keratin,

Vitamins B3 and B6: stimulate the synthesis of keratin,

Vitamin B5: prevents hair loss and increases the hydration of skin appendages,

Vitamins B8: prevents premature fall, graying of hair, regulates sebum production and promotes the quality of nails.

Finally, zinc and selenium are antioxidant trace elements involved in cell protection and the quality of skin appendages.


Natural complex extracts of: wheat, sesame, green tea, nettle, horsetail (310 mg). Zinc sulphate (7.5 mg Zinc - 50% RDA). Vitamins: B3 9 mg (50% RDA), B5 3 mg (50% RDA), B6 ​​1 mg (50% RDA), B2 0.8 mg (50% RDA), B8 75 mcg (50% RDA). Anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate. Sodium Selenite (Selenium 25 mcg - 50% RDA). Capsule: fish gelatin.

Made in France.

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