606 DESTOCK (Anti-graisse)

606 DESTOCK (Anti-fat)

converts your water into a slimming beverage eliminates fats 606 ANTI-FAT contains natural substances, which help to fight against weight resurgence gaining due to a high-in fat based diet.

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Propriété :

  • Lipolysis and Thermogenesis
  • Cut Hunger
  • Tonic

    Présentation :
    A box of 6 sachets.

    Utilisation :
    2 possibilities
    • Serious and durable : One sachet per day, either in 50 ml of HydroLight for a fast effect
    • Rapid and effective : In 1,5 liter of water for a prolonged(available in pharmacy and soon on the website)
    Two cures of containment of 15 days a year, one in spring, the other one in fall. effect

    Ingrédients :
    Dry extracts of :

    • Guarana granulates 50mg
    • Maté sheet 50mg
    • citrus aurantium fruit 37,5mg
    • soluble Tea 25mg
    • Pineapple flavour 25mg
    • Sorbate of potassium 5mg
    • Sodium methyl paraben 2,5mg
    • Caramel coloring(E150) 2,5mg
    • Glycerin 1,25ml
    • water 3,55ml

      Made in France.

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