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avriline Cr helps to eliminate the localised build-up of fat and cellulite thanks to a micro-phytotherapy principle based on the combined action of chromium and 18 plant extracts with a fat-burning effect.

Propriété :

  • Clinical trials have proved the effectiveness of chromium. The first of these trials was conducted in 1989 by Gary Evans, a university lecturer in Minnesota. The results showed that chromium produced significant weight loss, with increased muscle mass at the expense of fat.
    In 1995, the biological activity of chromium was discovered by Drs. Schwartz and Mertz. They showed that trivalent chromium (Cr 3+) is found in an organic compound called GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor).
    GTF, as its name suggests, increases cell tolerance to glucose and acts in synergy with insulin to enhance the role of insulin by preserving the body's delicate glycaemic balance.
    In short, blood sugars are no longer stored in the form of triglycerides but are rapidly burnt. The body then begins to use up its "organic reserves”, including fat.
    Additional studies have shown that the chromium combined with a low-calorie and/or high-protein diet improves results with a loss of fat and increased muscle mass. Finally, chromium is thought to improve the synthesis of serotonin by modifying receptor sensitivity. Since serotonin is part of the hunger mechanism, this is thought to decrease hunger pangs and cravings.
  • Chromium is combined with active principles in this product to:
    - burn fat,
    - eliminate the waste resulting from accelerated fat burn-off.


  • Liquid concentrate (no need to dilute!).
  • Long-lasting action avoids the “yo-yo” effect.
  • Excellent complement to the slimming creams designed to decrease cellulite.
  • Very well tolerated: developed by a team of medical specialists with expert knowledge of phytotherapy, nutrition, endocrinology and galenics.

Présentation :
500 ml bottle.

Utilisation :
Take one or two tablespoons in the morning and at lunchtime.

Ingrédients :
Green Tea Extract 97%. Complex of plant extracts 1%: Artichoke, Boldo, Birch, Black Currant, Fennel, Ginger Gray, Guarana, Kola, Mate , yellow sweet clover, sour orange, papaya, dandelion, black radish. Flavoring: blueberry and grapefruit concentrate juice . Acidifier: citric acid. Thickener: Guar gum (E412). Preservatives 0.2%: potassium sorbate (E202) and sodium benzoate (E211). Chromium chloride (III).

Made in France.

Ideal complement to the Avriline minceur : cure of 2 bottles of Avriline Minceur or 2 bottles of Avriline Minceur preceding with a Avriline Starter.

Propriété :
The active principles of Avriline Silhouette were selected to produce five simultaneous effects to cope with various situations :

Synergetic action on water retention
Watercress is a stimulant of biliary and renal functions that is effective in treating water retention problems. Ash leaves that contain mannitol and potassium salts are good diuretics. Besides, mucilages contained in this extract have a very mild mechanical laxative effect. The combination of these two actions stimulates the elimination functions of the body. Parsley is rich in vitamin C. Corn, Buchu and Quitch grass are also excellent diuretics. Lignum vitae is an antiseptic of the urinary tracts and helps in the elimination of water.

"Flat stomach" effect and improved bowel movement
Fennel relieves abdominal pains and stimulates digestion. It helps prevent intestinal fermentation by fighting the formation of gas in the intestine. Officinal sage has a relaxant effect on the abdominal and intestinal muscles. These properties make it particularly useful in treating digestive disorders. Heart's-ease is a diuretic and a laxative; it also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Rose hip has a diuretic and laxative effect; it contains a strong concentration of vitamin C that makes it an ideal tonic that can be used as part of a weight reduction diet.

Depurative action of the cellulitic tissue
Green Maté combines stimulant and anti-cellulitic properties. It contains many active principles, of which some are chemically comparable to caffeine. It is a thermogenic substance, that is to say, it promotes weight-loss by stimulating energy expenditure. Borage is rich in linoleic gamma acids; it is a source of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, iron and prevents any dysfunction of the lipid metabolism. It acts on the blood circulation especially as a regulator of cholesterol and triglycerides. It restores the resistance and elasticity of the skin, thereby preventing the appearance of stretch marks. Ivy contains vitamin C, provitamin A as well as a phyto-hormone estrogen and saponins that make it useful in treating cellulitis. It also acts as a diuretic and disinfiltrant of the cellulitic tissue that it thins out. Finally, it fights inflammation and cellulitis pain. Cypress has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation. It is useful against the advent of cellulitis just like Sassafras and Yarrow.

Effect on the elimination of toxins
Phenol-acids contained in Burdock help in the elimination of toxins from the liver and the kidneys. Sarsaparilla is the best depurative in phytotherapy, it also stimulates cutaneous sweating. Broom and Yellow Caraway also play a role in the elimination of toxins.

Synergetic action on the biliary ducts and digestion
Asperula, Stinging Nettle and Celandine are diuretic plants that act as digestive tonics by stimulating the biliary ducts. Black radish contains many minerals and vitamins, with a significantly high content of vitamins A and C. Black radish is a cholagogue, it enhances the discharge of bile from the gallbladder and the biliary ducts, which promotes the digestion of fats.

Présentation :
500 ml bottle.

Utilisation :
1 to 2 tablespoons are to be taken 15 minutes before the meal.

Ingrédients :
Green Tea Extract 97%. Complex of plant extracts 2%: Yarrow, Borage, Heather, Caraway, Black Currant, Cherry, Quackgrass, Watercress, rose hip, sweet fennel, high ash, Great Burdock, Stinging Nettle, Lovage, Corn, Mate, Grapefruit, Thought Wild Parsley, hawkweed, dandelion, black radish, Meadowsweet, Sage, Java Tea, Linden. Acidifier: citric acid. Thickener: Guar gum (E412). Preservatives 0.2%: potassium sorbate (E202) and sodium benzoate (E211). Flavoring: grapefruit juice concentrate.

Made in France.